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Circa 1995 2015
I wasn't that thin in 1995-the pic was distorted in conversion to GIF.

This site has been pretty inactive for a looong time. I've recently gotten the bug again and will try to stay on top of things. Because of the nationwide decline in good video poker, I'm no longer active in the video poker arena and no longer selling strategy cards. However, the analysis and informatio on video poker here is still valid.

Since moving to the Mississippi Coast, I've been playing more poker than ever. I'll try to keep the information on the area card rooms up to date from now on.
November 2015, --jazbo

Click here for:  Mississippi Gulf Coast Poker

Other Poker Info

Heads Up Hold'em Here are the rankings of all 169 hold'em hands, based on their EV heads up against a random hand. No simulation here -- these numbers are exact.
Kelly Computation If you've ever played Blackjack, you've probably heard of the "Kelly number", which tells you how much you should bet depending on your bankroll. This page gives a Perl script for computing the Kelly number for any single wager.
Jazbo's Poker Trip Reports A chronicle of my poker adventures from back in 1995.
Recent trips reports:
London, September, 2015
Scarlet Pearl Grand Opening, December, 2015.
Poker Links My favorite links to poker sites around the Net.

Video Poker Info

Volatility Explaining the risks of playing video poker.
N-play Bankroll How playing multi-line video poker affects bankroll requirements.
VP Probabilities Graphical descriptions of expected performance of various VP games over 1000, 5000, and 10000 hands.
Progressive Strategies Some advice on playing for progressive jackpots.
Progressive Meters How should you use the meter movement (amount added to the jackpot per bet) in figuring EV and risk when chasing progressives?
Kelly Betting "Kelly Betting" is a mathmentatically based method for determining how large your bets should be depending on the advantage you have in the game. One problem with VP is that you cannot vary your betting smoothly as you bankroll size changes.
9/6 Jacks A complete and optimal strategy for the old, reliable: Jacks or Better with the 99.54% EV paying 9 for a full house and 6 for a flush.
Cash Back True ":Cash Back" does not exist any more, but "Free Play" does have some value. This article is mainly of historical interest, discussing the situation in Atlanti City circa 2002.
VP Links Some useful video poker links.