Jazbo's Poker Links

Last updated 1/6/2008
BARGE is the mother of all Internet-related poker tournaments, bringing together computer-savvy players from all over the world for a good time, great poker and the chance to have bragging rights for the year. Quite a few WSOP champions have played in the main tournament & stayed around for some friendly low limit action with the rec.gambling crew. If you have a free week in August & can stand the heat, it is well worth a trip to Las Vegas.
I spawned first spin-off from BARGE, ATLARGE, in 1995. After I gave up the reigns, tiger123 took over for a couple of years, and Goldy has done a yoemen effort to keep this great Atlantic City tradition going. Generall, ATLARGE is head in the early spring at one of the large poker rooms in Atlantic City.
Bill Alan orginated FARGO - a poker gathering modeled on BARGE & ATLARGE - in 1997. The tradition is being ably carried on by Joan H. This event is usually held in Sept/Oct. You can find information at the FARGO web page.
Dan Kimberg's Poker Page has a great deal of useful poker information, including info on his book Serious Poker.
If you're interested in gambling information, books and software, you can't go wrong with Conjelco who's own Chuck Weinstock is very active on the Net.
The Rolling Good Times touts itself as the "Premier Gambling 'Zine on the Net. They have information on all kinds of gambling.
Don't miss all the great poker info that Two Plus Two Publishing maintains. Their forum has an even higher signal-to-noise ratio than r.g.p.