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Special Entry for the Ladies, Mother's Day, 4pm 5/8 at the Scarlet Pearl. $60 entry for ladies, $530 for gentlemen.

New Stud Tournament at the Golden Nugget, Fridays starting 4/22 for four weeks. $2500 Added!

The IP has added a Wheel Cracked bonus for Omaha8.

Hard Rock now open only Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

General Information

If you have the free BravoPoker app on your phone, you can check the status of active games and waiting lists for the Beau Rivage, the IP and the Scarlet Pearl. It seems to be fairly reliable, but things can change quickly, so it is usually worthwhile to call ahead. Unless a big tournament is going on, you can usually get on the list before you arrive.

There are current five casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that offer poker: the Beau Rivage, the IP, the Hard Rock, the Golden Nugget and the recently opened Scarlet Pearl in D'Iberville.

All of the rooms provide promotions to attract players, but these change frequently. Although I will try to keep current with the promotions, it is worthwhile calling to ask about any particular promotions that interests you. And, be sure to understand the rules, which can sometimes be unintuitive.

The most common games on the Gulf are $4-8 Limit Hold'em and $1-2 or $1-3 No Limit Hold'em. They will spread almost any game (allowed by the Casino Commission) if there are enough players. One thing that may be unfamliar to players from other areas: There is no cap on buy-ins. The minimum in $1-3 is generally $100, while $1-2 requires $60.

Mississippi Straddle
All card rooms except the Golden Nugget allow the "Mississippi Straddle". Any player can post a straddle ($6 in 1-3 and $5 in 1-2) and get last action (but the small blind and big blind positions are excluded). If multiple players want to straddle, priority goes to the player closest to the button. But, there is an exception for a player returning to the game that has missed her blinds. She can elect to straddle rather than posting both the big and small blinds, in which case she gets priority over the button and the other players. If there are multiple returning players, priority is again given to the player closest to the button. [Note: As usual, if a returning player is in the small blind position, they cannot straddle, but can "buy the button" by posting both blinds.]
When a player straddles, the action always starts to the left of the straddler and proceeds around the table in normal order so the straddler has last action preflop, each player in turn having to fold, raise or call the straddle amount.

The Rake

The rake is the price we pay for an honest and safe game. But, it makes the game negative some, which means there must be some losers in order for their to be winners. Note: Unlike some locations (e.g., California) here there is ano-flop, no-drop policy, which is a very good thing. In addition to rake, all the rooms here have a "jackpot drop", which is money used for promotions such has bad beat, high hand and aces cracked. Since most (all?) of the promotion money is supposed to be returned to the players, it should balance out, but it adds to the variance. Personally, I'd rather play poker than the lottery, but I doubt we'll ever see the return of the days before the jackpot drop. Players expect promotions, and the casinos compete with each other (using player funds). Anyway, here is what I know the current situation for the Mississippi card rooms. Note that the rake could be different for different games such as PLO.

Card RoomNo Limit RakeJackpot Drop Limit RakeJackpot Drop
Beau Rivage10% to $5 max$1 at $20 10% to $4 max$2 at $20
Golden Nuggetl10% to $4 max$2 at $15 10% to $4 max$2 at $15
Hard Rock10% to $4 max$2 at $15 10% to $4 max$2 at $15
IP10% to $4 max$1 at $15, $2 at $30 10% to $4 max$1 at $15, $2 at $30
Scarlet Pearl10% to $5 max$1 at $10 10% to $4 max*$2 at $10
* For January, the Scarlet Pearl max rake for hold'em is $3 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-1pm.


If you play poker long hours, eventually you need to eat. All five card rooms in Biloxi offer food service at the table. The best comp rate right now is at the Golden Nugget -- $2/hour plus a free breakfast or lunch buffet after 3 hours of play (must be used the next day). An additional plus is that the hourly rate goes directly on the GN comp cards, so you can use your comps anywhere that they are accepted in the casino. The Scarlet Pearl give $2.50/hour and, like the Golden Nugget, the comps accumulate on your player's card. The Beau and IP both give about $2/hour in comps -- you can't seem to find out exactly how much comp you have accumulated, but they will usually provide a comp if you have the hours in. Comps can be used for food at the table or at restaurants or the buffet. The Hard Rock offers only a $5/comp per day, and it must be used within 24 hours. It can only be used the coffee shop or as a discount for the buffet.

Gulf Coast Card Rooms

Beau Rivage Poker Room: (228) 386-7092   Beau Rivage Web Page
Promotions & Tournaments The Beau has the most tables (15) in the area and usually has the biggest games. The room was moved from one corner of the casino where it was adjacent to the non-smoking slots to the back of the casino and (except for the sign) is not visible from the floor. This greatly reduces the chances of any casual players wandering in to try out poker. Most of the games (expecially no limit hold'em) are filled with regular players who typically play with $500 or more in the $1-3 games.
Food comps are earned at about $2/hour. Snack bar food can be ordered at the table. Comps can also be used for the buffet.
The Beaus offers special room rates for poker players that are willing to play at least 5 hours/day. Make your reservations through the poker room.
IP Poker Room: (228) 523-8550   IP Web Page
Promotions & Tournaments The IP has 10 tables and commonly spreads $4-8 Limit and $1-3 No Limit Hold'em (with MS Straddle). The room is on the second floor in the non-smoking "Cove" area of the casino. Being out-of-the way means that the room does not get much casual traffic, but there are often casino-wide announcements about open seats in the games that are going.
Food comps (usuable at the coffee shop, buffet and snack bar) are earned at a rate of about $2/hour.
One plus: The Cove has the only 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker on the Coast. There are about eight machines just outside of the Cove Bar that have 9/6 -- be sure to check the pay table.
Hard Rock Poker Room: (228) 276-7177   Hard Rock Web Page
Promotions The Hard Rock has only three tables, but the tables are located right at the entrance to the casino. It is the only room in town that is likely to attract casual players who did not come to the casino specifically to play poker. The room is currently closed on Sunday through Wednesday. On the other days, it opens at 1PM and closes when the last game breaks up.
The maximum food comp per day is only $5. See the Promotions link for more details.
Golden Nugget Poker Room: (228) 436-7967   Golden Nugget Web Page
Promotions & Tournaments

The Golden Nugget has a nice room with 9 tables, but it is unfortunately hard to find. It is on the second floor and is not obvious to a passing customer. The game most commonly spread is $4-8 Limit Hold'em, but occasionally there will be a $1-3 No Limit Hold'em game (no MS straddle).
The Golden Nugget is unique on the coast in that the $2/hour earned from playing poker goes onto the player's normal casino comp card, so comps from slots and table games accumulate in the same account. This also implies that the comps can be used anywhere in the casino where comps are accepted (the dessert bar very close to the poker room is very convenient). Three hours of play will earn you a comp for the breakfast or lunch buffet (within 24 hours). This is on top of the usual hourly rate.

Golden Nugget Stud

The Golden Nugget Stud promotion -- $100/hour for high hand, has been changed -- the qualifier is Queens full or better, which greatly reduces the value. It has been hard to get a $10-20 game, but a $1-5 game starting at 4pm on Tuesday and Thursday has been happening -- the main attraction is the $15K bad beat jackpot (Aces full of Jacks beaten).

Scarlet Pearl Poker Room: 228-392-1889 x4   Scarlet Pearl Web Page
Promotions & Tournaments The rake is 10% to $5 plus a $1 jackpot drop at $15 in no limit, and 10% to $4 with a $2 jackpot drop at $20 in limit. You can earn $2.50/hour in comps. Comps go directly on your comp card and so can be used anywhere in the casino that accepts comps. Food can be ordered at teh table using comps or cash.
Tournaments start on Monday, 12/14/15, see Scarlet PearlPromotions.

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