Promotions and Tournamnets at the Golden Nugget, Biloxi

May 2016 Poker Promotions

Splash the Pot$50/30-minEvery Day 10am-10pm
High hand$100/hourEvery day10am-6am
Aces Cracked$100Sun-Thu10am-3pm,7pm-10pm
Omaha High Hand$75Every dayAll Day

No Limit Promotion
Sunday through Thursday, the first hour of a no limit hold'em game will have no rake.

Splash the Pot
This promo adds $50 to the next pot following a suited flop, but there is a max of one splash per hour per table. There is a requirement that a game most be going for 30 minutes to qualify, and there must be $30 called dollars in the pot at the end of the hand (although the players will usually know that they need $30 in the pot for the promo on the next hand and so will be likely to get enough money in the pot). This is worth less than $5 hour at best.

Hold'em High Hand
To win a hold'emhigh hand of the hour, both cards must play, there must be $30 in the pot, and the game must be going 30 minutes. The prize depends on how high the hand is: Royal Flush $500, Straight Flush $300, Four of a Kind $200, Aces Full of Kings $150, Aces Full of Queens $100, Aces Full of Jacks $75, Aces Full (of anything) $50.

Omaha High Hand
To win the Omaha high hand of the hour, there must be $30 in the pot, and the game must be going 30 minutes. The high hand must be Aces Full of Kings or better.

The Thirty Minute Rule
All of the promotions (except the cash giveaways) require that a game must be going for 30 minutes to qualify. What a terrible idea. The card room is discouraging players from starting a new game. No game, no rake. The promos are paid using money from the $2/hand jackpot drop, so I think this requirement makes no sense.

The $30 Rule
The $30 minimum pot requirement is a little high, especially since most of the game spread during the week are $4-8 limit. The rake on $30 is $3, so the card room does have an incentive to encourage bigger pots. But, the $2 jackpot drop is taken at $15, and the promos are paid from the jackpot drop money, so requiring $30 in the pot seems to be a bit greedy.


MondayNL Hold'em Rebuy/Bounty$25+$10+$5+$10+$107pm4000$1000
TuesdaySenior NLH Add-on$35+$10+$5+$102pm4000?
Wed, ThuNL Hold'em Rebuy$25+$10+$5+$107pm4000$1000
Friday (5/20+)PLO Rebuy$35+$10+$5+$102pm6000?
SaturdayNL Hold'em Rebuy$35+$10+$5+$102pm4000$2000
Saturday (5/14,6/11)Super Stack NL Hold'em w Re-Entry$90+$15+$10+$152pm12000$5000
SundayNL Hold'em Rebuy$25+$10+$5+$107pm4000$2000

Tournament Fees
The tournament fees are Entry + Registation + Promotion + Optional dealer appreciation. For Bounty tournaments, the last amount is the bounty.

Blinds start at 25/50 and increase every 20 minutes for the first hour, then go up every 15 minutes thereafter.

Extra Chips
An additional 500 in chips for each hour of live play the day of the tournament (maximum 1500).

Super Senior with Add-On
The Golden Nugget will add $10 to the prize pool for every entering player that is age 50 or over. A single Add-on is allowed (unspecified).

Super Stack Re-Entry Rentries are allowed for $90 to get 10,000 chips.


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