Promotions at the IP, Biloxi, MS

June 2016 Poker Promotions

Every DayAll DayWheel Cracked
Monday8am-4pmAces Cracked
4pm-11pmPoker squares
11:30pm-7:30amSummer Heat Drawings
Tuesday7:30am-11:30pmSummer Heat Drawings
11pm-3:59amHigh Hand of the Hour
Wednesday8am-4pmAces Cracked
4pm-3:59amHigh Hand of the Hour
Thursday4am-1amHigh Hand of the Hour
11:30pm-7:30amSummer Heat Drawings
Friday8am-4pmAces Cracked
3pm-1amSummer Heat Drawings
Saturday8am-4pmAces Cracked
3pm-1amLucky Table/Lucky Seat
Sunday8am-4pmAces Cracked (6/5 & 6/12 only)
4pm-11pmPoker Squares
11:30pm-7:30amSummer Heat Drawings

Royal Flush
Although not officially listed on the promo sheet, $100 is awarded for making a Royal Flush. This is cannot be added to another promotion (e.g., high hand).

Wheel Cracked
In Omaha (hi-lo), a player is awarded $100 if she has a hand of any four unpaired wheel cards and does not win a portion of the pot.

Aces Cracked
If a player loses the entire pot with pocket Aces, the promo pays $100. If both Aces are red (AhAd) $200 is paid. If both are black (AsAc) $300 is paid.
New: From 8am-10am, the payouts are increased to $200, $300 and $500, respectively.

Poker Squares
There is a 10x10 board (marked 0-9 on each axis). Players get a square for playing in any game, starting at 4pm. Additional squares can be earned by making Jacks full or better (there are a limited number of bonus squares available). The board is closed at 9pm.
Drawings start are at the top of the hour, starting 7pm and ending at 11pm. A square is worth $200 by default. Squares are picked until a non-blank square is selected. If the player is not present (and playing), the amount is rolled over to the next hour. If the 11pm is not won, it is rolled over to the following 11pm drawing, so this can often grow to $1600 or more. When that happens, a lot of players tend to be there for 11pm. Because of the high variance, players frequently make "saves" (e.g., two players might agree to a $100 save, giving the other player $100 if they win). There are usually a couple of $4-8 games going (especially if there is a big rollover) and a couple of $1-3NLH games. This works out to a value of $2/hour, on average, per square earned, but can be higher with a big rollover.

High Hand of the Hour
This promo offers $100/hour, rolling over to the third hour (7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, 1am and 3:59am if there no winner. There must be $30 (called) dollars in the pot and both cards must play to make a high hand. The winning hand must be Kings full or better.
The game must be going 30 minutes to qualify.

Lucky Table, Lucky Seat
Drawing for $200 every two hours starting at 5pm.

Summer Heat Drawings
Players will be issued one ticket for each hour of live action play during the promotion period. A drawing for $200 will be done very two hours. If the player is not present, the prize will be rolled over to the next drawing.

The Thirty Minute Rule
Three of the promotions (Splash the Pot and both High Hand promos) require that a game must be going for 30 minutes to qualify. What a terrible idea. The card room is discouraging players from starting a new game. No game, no rake. The promos are paid using money from the $2/hand jackpot drop, so I think this requirement makes no sense.

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