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A new measure of volatility called "half-life" is proposed. Table of values and curves are shown for a dozen games.
People seem fascinated with the rapidly appearing video poker games that allow you to play 3, 4 or more hands all at once. This article can help you to estimate the bankroll you need to play the game.
The expectation of most popular video poker games is widely known, and the variance is not a secret, but these two common measures are not enough to estimate your short-term results. This article gives insight into four popular games.
Progressive jackpots increase slightly with each hand we play. An analysis of how the meter increase affects strategy decisions for progressive jackpots in video poker.
9/6 Jacks
Here is my complete, optimal strategy for the popular full pay Jacks or Better game (9/6). This is the same strategy I give on my VP cards, although I think the format on my cards makes it much easier to use.
This page gives a method for calculating the break-even point on progressive Jacks or Better games.
Video Poker is a high variance game. It is important that you don't play at a level that is too high (taking too much risk of losing your entire bankroll). This page gives the Kelly numbers for the VP games I have analyzed (taking cash back into account).
Cash Back
This page gives the current cash back situation for all the Atlantic City casinos. This is critical information for the serious player.
VP Links
A list of links to video poker related sites.

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