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Product Description Price Quantity
Two Strategies Per Card
9/6 JB Progressive  New! 9/6 Jacks or Better Progressive $7.00
Five Jokers  New! Five Jokers and Joker Wild 5K $7.00
JB+Pickem  New! 9/6 Jacks or Better and Pick'em $7.00
AA+DB  New! All American and 10/7 Double Bonus $7.00
9/6 DB/DJ  9/6 Dbl Bonus with Double Jackpot & 9/7 Dbl Bonus $7.00
9/6 JB  9/6 Jacks or Better and 8/5 JB $7.00
AA  All American (full + simplified strategies) $7.00
10/7 DB  10/7 Double Bonus & 10/7 Dbl Bonus w/80 SF $7.00
JW5K  Joker Wild 5K and Hi-Lo Royal $7.00
Pick'em  Pick'em Poker & Double Down Stud $7.00
Double Sided Strategies
9/5 DJ  9/5 Double Joker $7.00
FPDW  Full Pay Deuces Wild $7.00
Two Cards per Strategy
8/5 JBPr  8/5 Jacks or Better Progr. (2 cards) $12.00
8/5 BPPr  8/5 Bonus Poker Progressive (2 cards) $12.00
BDPW  Bob Dancer Presents WinPoker (Dean Zamzow's Software) $32.95

Bob Dancer Presents WinPoker (Email-only version) $29.95
VPSM  Video Poker Strategy Master (By TomSki) $32.95

Video Poker Strategy Master (Email-only version) $29.95

Shipping and handling is set at a flat rate of $4.00, but for orders including only software (with or without CDs) is free. Sales tax will be added for New Jersey, only.